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PCOS clinic

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome is the commonest endocrine (hormone) disorder in females. It affects 1/10-1/5 women worldwide. Symptoms of PCOS can present soon after puberty, and continues until the menopause.
  • Like many chronic illnesses, there is no cure for PCOS.
  • However early detection and prevention can modify the severity of PCOS.


  • Studies assessing the satisfaction of PCOS patients with   their medical care often voiced their disappointment with the way their health problem was managed.
  • They cite the lack of communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals handling their case as the main reason for their dissatisfaction.
  • This is when we knew we had to step in!

This is how it works:

First visit

  • Upon your first visit you will be greeted by a well-trained receptionist.
  • A medical file will be set for you. We keep a soft and a hard copy.
  • Your first assessment will be carried out by our gynecologist. A detailed medical history, physical examination and an ultrasound will be done. Your doctor will ask you to take some blood tests.
  • You will then be seen by our dermatologist (skin doctor) to discuss any issues related to skin problems.
  • Following that you will be seen at the nutrition department for assessment of BMI (body mass index) and a general nutrition tips will be discussed.
  • Your final stop will be at the skin and laser unit. Our specialist will offer you a skin analysis test.
  • Once the clinic tour is done, you will be asked to come back for a follow up visit.

Second visit:

  • On your, follow up visit, your doctor will discuss with you the suggested plan of management, which the multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals’ thought would be best for you.
  • Once you agree to the plan, further follow up visit will be set for you.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable with your management plan, so please do not hesitate to ask questions.
  • Don’t worry about forgetting your, follow up appointment date, we have a call and recall system at the clinic to remind you

Adolescent girls

  • Adolescent patients often go undiagnosed until later.
  • We understand that adolescent girls with PCOS are unique and require a different kind of assessment and management.

Our guidelines specifically address this group of young patients.

One stop service

  • Ours is the first clinic to provide all ancillary services (nutrition counselling, skin care and laser services, and many other services) required in one place (one stop service)

Outside the box management options

  • Prevention is now the trend in the management of PCOS medical conditions, with efforts aimed at education of both patients and health care providers.
  • Life style modifications are becoming part of the PCOS treatment cycle.
  • Worldwide, there is a growing need for new (outside the box) treatment alternatives to what is currently available.
  • We strongly encourage alternatives to traditional treatments, with many success stories to tell.

All welcome

  • You can bring a friend or a relative to any of these sessions. Our doors are open for everyone.
  • We strongly believe in the importance of a support system.
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