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Skin Care and Laser Services
Only the best for you
To ensure you get the best results, our services are delivered by a “certified” skin care specialist.

Watch Out!
The hygiene measures are very strict in our facility. You might even think we’re a bit too extreme!

 Schedule Visit
To make you feel even more special our expert specialist offers flexible working hours, to help cater to your timetable and schedule busy.

Your First Visit

  • When you book your first visit to the skin care and laser service, you will be introduced to all the service we have.
  • A skin assessment using the VISIA machine will help identify all skin problems you might have.
  • A management plan will be set for you highlighting the procedures you will benefit from the most. We have s solution for most skin problems (acne scars, pigmentation, tired skin and more)
  • Remember we promised you the best results! With your approval of course, and if needed your skin care specialist might arrange for a consultation with our dermatologist. Sometimes the input of a skin doctor might be necessary to make sure the treatment you’re about to get is ok for you.

Follow up Visit
love to say hi!
We love to keep track of your experience with us. Expect frequent phone calls following your first visit just to say hi and see how you’re doing!

One More Thing to Share

  • We have the best laser machine for hair removal. Minimal pain, minimal side effects, excellent results and pleasant setup is what sets apart from all others.
  • We also happen have a long track of successful stories especially so among patients with PCOS.
  • We’ve been working with so many PCOS patients for quite some time now, as we collaborate with the PCOS clinic at the center.
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